Organic Certification

Organic Certification Nepal
Organic certification is done for regulating and facilitating the sale of organic products to the consumers.
For Organic certification organization is audited for a set of production standards for growing, storage,
processing, packaging and shipping i.e. entire supply chain is audited from the raw material to the
finished product. Organic Certification is important for confirming that the products and services meet
or does not meet all trusted external and internal national and international standards and for product
credibility in the market.

We, National Certification and Management Nepal have been associated with Ecocert India Pvt. Ltd.
and have been facilitating organic certification. Ecocert carries out at least one annual on-site
inspections, supplemented by additional unannounced audits during the year by the experienced
international organic certified auditor. We have already assisted different food manufacturers, farmers,
traders for getting organic certification.

The organization can apply for certification process as follows;

Steps for process of Organic CertificationStep 1: Application upon request
Step 2: Contract for certification engagement and its acceptance process
Step 3: Onsite Audit
Step 4: Review of conclusion of audit report to decide whether to issue certificate or not.
Step 5: Issuance of Certificate