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SA-8000, Social Accountability In Nepal, ISO In Nepal

Social Accountability International

SA 8000 is a standard that provides social accountability guidelines and encourages organizations to develop, maintain and apply socially acceptable workplace practices in those areas that they can control or influence.

SA was developed to help socially responsible companies to measure and differentiate themselves from other companies operating with less than acceptable labor conditions.

This standard is based on

  • Universal declaration of Human Rights
  • UN convention on the rights of the child
  • 11 conventions of the international labor organization (ILO)

It is an auditable standard and compatible with ISO 9001, ISO14001 and ISO 45001. SA 8000 provides social accountability guidelines, including:

  • Child labor,
  • Forced labor,
  • Working hours,
  • Compensation
  • Workplace safety.

Benefits of SA 8000

  • Enhanced goodwill and reputation of the organization
  • Maintenance of employees’ morale, commitment and productivity
  • Increased worker awareness about core labor rights.
  • Enhanced communication between management and workforce